Greg - the Computer Whiz Greg Watson, P.E. Computer System Guru:  Greg is the man behind the scenes running and coordinating the school's computers and communication systems.
Jona - ready to ask you a question. Jona Roberts, Associate Instructor Chief engineer for large mechanical contractor, currently on cutting edge projects for critical rooms and environments. Assists in teaching ACR Fundamentals. 10 years professional practice. Stickler for details on refrigeration systems. Current on state-of-the-art systems.
Dwight -  don't let the smile fool you! Dwight LechnerAssociate Instructor: Chief  (ret.) of Everett Fire Department. Haz-mat specialist.  Extensive training experience.  Assists in EPA and Refrigerant Handling Training and Certification.  5 years teaching experience with the HVAC School and 35 years teaching experience with the Fire Department.
Ron - brings great work experience to class. Ron Rosario, Associate Instructor:    Refrigeration contractor.  Services major accounts such as Denny's, Subway and other well-known chains. Former graduate, now shares his field experience with new students in ACR Fundamentals class.  8 years field experience, 3 years teaching.
Troy Sprague, Associate Instructor: Refrigeration/AC technician.  Lead for a very aggressive HVACR service company in Seattle - Puget Sound area.  Runs crew of 5.  Maintenance, installation and service. 15 years field experience. 10 years teaching. Practical electrical troubleshooting.

 David D. McNeal, Associate Instructor: Washington general journeyman electrician. 14 years experience as a commercial electrician. Extensive experience in industrial refrigeration systems for food processing. Controls and process applications. Hands-on working knowledge of NEC codes and amendments. Holds City of Seattle 3rd Grade steam engineer license and a two-year degree in industrial plant maintenance. First-year instructor.

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